Jennifer is a passionate content creator with over 10 years of professional video editing experience.  After studying Television and Film at Hofstra University, Jennifer has been using her passion for Storytelling and film to collaborate with others and bring their visions to life.  Additionally, Jennifer has worked in all areas of the content creation world. Beyond editing, Jennifer is a skilled animator, and media manager , with professional projects ranging from independent films, television pieces, social media content, brand advertising, marketing spots, news stories, and influencer videos. 
Among some of her most notable work includes Vimeo branded original film and video educational content, creator spotlight interviews with Oscar nominated and award winning filmmakers, the Best Editing award for the Sparrow Film Festival, Denim an independent LGBTQ short-film which premiered at Outfest Los Angeles, and her own independent short films including her thesis film, Stable, which she wrote and directed in addition to editing. Jennifer’s other interests include video games, science fiction and fantasy novels, snowboarding, playing guitar and harmonica, and playing her long running games of Dungeons and Dragons that she DMs for her friends.